The Novel Turtle exists to help you discover what is unique and amazing about yourself; to help you find and release those things that are keeping you from living the truest, most authentic version of your life; and to give you a smile in the process.

Find out more, and meet the creator/author of the blog posts, Lori Frye: What The Novel Turtle is All About.

To get you started…here are a few of my most popular blog posts:

  1. How to Stop Feeling Scattered – What can you do when you feel like your mind, and your energy, is scattered to the four winds?
  2. What Does “You’re Too Much” Really Mean – When someone says “You’re too much”, what do they really mean, and what does it mean about us?
  3. Even Negative Emotions Can Be Beneficial – Emotions like worry, anger, and fear are just a few of the emotions that we consider “negative”. But can we use these emotions to our benefit, rather than just stuffing them down or waiting for them to pass?

When you are doing what you love it shows; people are drawn to it, and they are inspired by it.” – The Novel Turtle

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