Inspiring You to Create Your Happiest Life

Here at The Novel Turtle, we want to inspire you to find and create your happiest life, and make you smile every chance we get. Our goal is to encourage you to do what you love to do. In turn, you can inspire others to do the same. Part of doing this is helping you navigate and understand the inner world that we humans all share; our hopes, our dreams, and all of the emotions and feelings that go along with them. The other part is encouraging you to find those things that bring you joy, those things that you could do all day and not realize that time has gone by.

One way of doing this is expanding the definition that some have about the word “creativity”. We want to show people that creativity is more than just arts and crafts, and that everyone is creative in their own way. As this definition expands, so do the ideas for what you could do in life. You begin to realize that you can create a path where one doesn’t exist, and your happiest life is closer than you think.

To find out more about why we do what we do, read our Mission Page.

When you are doing what you love it shows, people are drawn to it, and they are inspired by it.” – The Novel Turtle

We hope you will join us.

When we meet others that inspire us, we’ll do a Q&A Session with them. In this way, we can all learn from one another. Click here to see the latest of The Novel Turtle Presents: Q&A Sessions.

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Our overall goal is to inspire people to find their happy. We love to make people smile any chance we get. There is enough stress in this world. To see some of the things that make us smile visit our Instagram or Facebook page.