Inspiring You to Create Your Happiest Life

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Doodle on a napkin

What Can Doodling Do For You?

This week I invite you to take a little “brain break” and give your thinking mind some time off. For a few minutes each day, give yourself permission to doodle. On your notepad at work. On a napkin while waiting at a restaurant. On a pad of paper before you go to bed. When ever, …

Firework in the night sky

Making Progress, Even During Chaotic Times

Even in chaotic times, we can still make a fresh new beginning. We can still learn, improve, and move forward. It doesn’t always feel that way though. More often, it feels like we’re moving backwards or sitting still and completely frozen. But, if we make the effort, we can make forward progress, even during the …

Play with your food cake veggies

Why You Should Play With Your Food

I’m going to sound a little crazy to some people, but bear with me. Throughout this week I want you to play with your food. “Play with our food? Aren’t we taught NOT to play with our food? Shouldn’t we be civilized adults and eat our food rather than playing with it?” Sometimes, yes. But …