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Happy Every Day Guys End Pose

Q&A with Nick and John from Happy Every Day

I recently got the opportunity to talk with John and Nick from “Happy Every Day”. Their show on YouTube is all about celebrating the random, and not so random holidays that people have come up with over the years. Things like National Ice Cream Day, National Smile Day, and National Fishing Day. The goal in …

Bloom Where Youre Planted Onion Flowers

Bloom Where You’re Planted

I’ve always loved the phrase, “Bloom Where You’re Planted”, and never has it been more appropriate than right now. Most of us are “planted” at home and can’t go do our normal routine. We’ve been given the opportunity to take a step back, look at what we enjoy about our lives and what we don’t, …

How to Write a Letter to Yourself

How to Write a Letter to Yourself

Practicing self-care is important, but it’s not going to help quite as much if we don’t also practice self-love in the process. Spending time to go a little deeper, to make sure that we’re getting rid of old habits and emotions that no longer serve us, is as important as exercise. Learning to love what …