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Jeremy Janus Photography Q&A

Q&A with Jeremy Janus, Photographer and Artist

Vincent Van Gogh once said, “If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere”, and Jeremy Janus is someone who does exactly this. His love for nature shows through in every single one of the pictures he takes, and he wants to inspire others to find this same passion for nature, and photography, in their …

Be More Creative in all that you do

How to Be More Creative

When you don’t feel like you’ve ever been a creative person, it can be hard to change that image of yourself. That’s why I’m here, to help you break those molds, find new ways of doing things, and learn to enjoy the act of creating – in whatever way you choose to do so. But …

Bread crumb trail on grass

Bread Crumbs or Dynamite?

The universe, God, whatever Higher Power you believe in, is very good at giving us bread crumbs to follow. IF we pay attention to those bread crumbs. If not, then it takes something big to get our attention. It takes something that feels more like dynamite. How many times have you accomplished something big and …

Doodle on a napkin

What Can Doodling Do For You?

This week I invite you to take a little “brain break” and give your thinking mind some time off. For a few minutes each day, give yourself permission to doodle. On your notepad at work. On a napkin while waiting at a restaurant. On a pad of paper before you go to bed. When ever, …

Firework in the night sky

Making Progress, Even During Chaotic Times

Even in chaotic times, we can still make a fresh new beginning. We can still learn, improve, and move forward. It doesn’t always feel that way though. More often, it feels like we’re moving backwards or sitting still and completely frozen. But, if we make the effort, we can make forward progress, even during the …