Jeffy’s Second Grade Art Cards – Set of 5


The name, has a story. =) Set of 5 Cards, with Envelopes. 5×7

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These cards were created from prints that I made of an alcohol ink piece that I created. The name, has a story.

I was at my in-laws house when I made the alcohol ink painting. I’m always trying different ways of creating texture and designs in my art, so I asked my Father-in-law for some sandpaper. I used it on the paper first, and then put the ink over top of it. When I finished I took it inside to show him, and he said, “this looks like something my second grade teacher wouldn’t have approved of”. I said, “I think what you meant to say was…’wow, that’s really pretty, I love it’. Hahaha. Ever since then, we’ve been calling that painting “Jeffy’s Second Grade Art”. It has become one of my favorites because of the fun we had surrounding it.

There are 5 cards, with envelopes. The cards are 5×7 and are blank inside so you can add your own message.

If you’d like to have more than what I have listed, please email me at I only list what I currently have, but I can get more printed.


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