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Giving Back

We believe that giving back is very important. Below are some of the ways we have chosen to do this. (Newest to Oldest) These things are not here as a way for us to “toot our own horn”, but to serve as ideas for you to give back as well. Each of us has our own strengths that we can use to help others. Use your strength, find your cause, and find a way to serve those around you in a meaningful way.

Giving Back with The Love Card

This is The Love Card. They are small cards that you can give to people, or leave in many places, to remind them that they are loved. It’s a beautiful way to spread kindness wherever you go. To give you ideas, here are a few of the ways that I’ve used The Love Card recently: placing them in library books that I return and placing them in the letters, cards, and packages that I’ve sent out. People also leave them under windshield wipers, along with their tips at a restaurant, and in their mailboxes for their postal workers. I am honored to add, that The Novel Turtle is a sponsor of The Love Card. For more information, and to get your own Love Card’s to give out,

Giving Back through donations to Chronically Care on Instagram

Donations for @chronically_care_packages on Instagram. These send “care packages for chronic and terminal illness warriors”. (From their bio)

To see the types of donations they take look at their Instagram bio.

Thank you to Zoe for taking these pictures….I forgot to take some before sending the package out. =)

Find a “Little Free Library” in your area and add some books.

To search for locations near you (if they have been registed), to see how to put one up if your area doesn’t have one, and/or to learn more go to

Giving back by sending greeting cards to

If you enjoy beautiful cards, writing letters, and sending snail mail, consider writing cards and letters for This organization was started to help combat loneliness and isolation in senior adults. For more information, and to read their awesome story, visit their website. They are also collecting pictures and stories from older adults. So that we can enjoy their adventures, but also learn from their wisdom.

Within our “Favorite Socks” post we did a giveaway. Someone won a $25 gift card to John’s Crazy Socks, but we also gave socks to our local homeless shelter based on the number of likes, pictures, etc. Read the “Fun Socks” post to see why we did this, and for inspiration for your own projects.

These are port pillows. (The three pictured are just examples, we may or may not have this exact fabric left.) They are used by people who have a port in (for blood draws, chemo, etc.), and/or people who have had surgery on their chest area. You put them on your seat belt and they keep it from rubbing against your port (or incision). My grandmother and I make them (mostly her =)).

Pick Your Color

These are just examples, to show you what the pillows look like. You pick what color scheme you would like your pillow to be and we’ll send you one in that color. We have many different colors and designs.

Soft Pillow on One Side

The side that goes against your chest is a soft pillow.

Velcro for Easy Placement

The other side has two velcro tabs that go around the seat belt to hold it on.

If you, or someone you know is going through cancer treatments and needs a port pillow, email me at, or send me a private message on Facebook, and we will send you one for free. (We can currently only ship to the U.S. for free. If you are outside of the U.S. all you would need to do is pay shipping costs, the pillow is still free.)

This is not a scam, or an effort to get more names for a mailing list. We are offering to give these to people who need them. We enjoy making them and we want to give back when we can. This is our little way of doing so.