Giving Back

Hand made cards by Lori Frye aka The Novel Turtle

My goal with this page is not to toot my own horn, but rather to give you ideas about where and how to give back to those around you in ways that you might not have thought about (or known about).

Sign up to receive snail mail

Send out some “Turtle Mail”…formerly known as Snail Mail…=)

There are many different organizations out there that you can work with to send snail mail to seniors, kids, veterans, and more. The one that I keep in my favorites page is Love for Our Elders.

You can send greeting cards, handmade cards, or simply write a letter, and it can make someone’s day when they receive it.

The Love Card Sponsor picture

As you can see, I always try to include The Love Card.

Giving The Love Card is a simple way to show someone that you care. I put them in most all of my Turtle Mail and packages that I send out. I’ll stick them in some of the books that I return to the library, or ones that I donate. There are so many different ways that you can give these cards to people, many without having to do so face to face if you aren’t comfortable with that. To get some free Love Cards to get you started, and to read more about The Love Card mission, check out their website,

Books for a Little Free Library

Find a Little Free Library near you, or your local library, and donate books.

These books went to @littlefreelibraryxo on Instagram. Jennifer Bourquin is such a wonderful steward of her LFL. She makes sure there are books for all ages, and even has a “Kindness Box” that has little gifts for people who stop by, a box with treats for any four legged friends that bring their owners, and a geocache. Jennifer is also the creator of Thoughtful Gifting and has a ton of great ideas for simple things that you can give to people to make them smile. (To read my interview with her, click here.) You can also follow her LFL page for great book recommendations (for yourself or as a gift).

Embroidery kits donated to an organization

Donate craft kits or other items to an organization like @chronically_care_packages

Chronically Care Packages takes donations and builds care packages for kids and young adults who are chronically ill. To find out what types of items they accept/give, check out their Instagram.

If you can sew, you could make port pillows or masks, like these my Grandmother makes. Or if you can’t sew (like me =)) you can work with someone who can, purchase the fabric and let them sew it all together, then donate those creations to local hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, etc.

The port pillows are something that my Grandmother started making when I was going through my treatments. Now that I’m past all that, she still makes them and we donate them to local cancer centers and organizations like the one above.

If you, or someone you know, can use a port pillow (or a mask) please email me – – and let me know, and we’ll send one for free. No strings attached, this is just something that she and I do to give back.