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Kristi Slaughter Radio Talk Show Host

Q&A with Kristi Slaughter, Radio Host

This week I interviewed my friend Kristi Slaughter, a radio talk show host (among many other things). Her show airs on Saturday mornings from 9-11 on WFHG Supertalk 92.9 FM. Iโ€™ve been in the studio a few times while she has been doing her show. Itโ€™s always so fun to watch her do what she …

Chris Shelton and Eric the Trainer

Q&A with Chris Shelton

Chris Shelton and Eric the Trainer Joining us this week is Chris Shelton of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center and Shelton Qigong in California. We asked Chris questions, not only about the practice of Qigong, but also about running a business. As anyone who has ever owned and operated a business knows, you sometimes have …

Haley Hensley and her dog Emme

Q&A with Photographer, Haley Hensley

This is Haley and her sweet Great Dane, Emme. Welcome to our Q&A session! This week our guest is Haley Hensley. Haley is a photographer, animal lover, and all around fun person. Her website is 1) What made you want to start taking photographs? I am a shy person, even more so when I …