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Easy Ways to Make Life Better

10 Easy Ways to Make Life Better

Times like these bring out the creativity in people. We are figuring out how to make meals with what we have, instead of running out to eat for every meal, or running to the grocery store every day. We are finding new ways to work, whether at home or still in our regular capacity. In …

Take a picture of your cute puppy

Take a Picture, Share a Smile

Let’s all do something fun to take our minds off of what’s going on in the world right now, something to make ourselves smile, and to make those around us smile. Every day for the next week, take a picture of something that you find interesting, out of the ordinary, fun, or beautiful. It could …

Don't let fear drive

Don’t Let Fear Drive

We can’t control what is going on around us, but we can control how we let it affect us, and how we deal with it. Instead of giving into the fear and panic that is swirling around the world right now, we can choose to turn off the noise, and focus on happiness. This doesn’t …

Learn Something New Guitar

Learn Something New Every Chance You Get

In the book The Unbound Soul, Richard Haight passes on advice about being a perpetual student, given to him by his Sensei (a teacher of martial arts).“In reality, there is always more to uncover and to understand. So I always try for an ever expanding 97 percent, leaving room to believe that 3 percent remains …

Benefits of Humming

The Benefits of Humming a Little Tune

Hum your way to a better mood and maybe stave off a cold while you’re at it. The benefits of humming are more than you would think, especially for something so simple. Every day this week, find time to hum a little tune. Hum along with the radio, while you’re walking to your car, or …

What we put in our mind matters

What We Put In Our Mind Matters

What are you taking in every day? I’m not just talking about food (although that’s important as well). What do you watch or read on a daily basis? Who do you hang out with on a regular basis? All of these things affect our mood, our emotions, and our health. The things that we spend …