5 tips for manifestation for beginners from a blue teddy bear

These 5 tips for manifestation came to me through a blue teddy bear. No, the teddy bear didn’t actually speak to me. But it did teach me something.

Perhaps a little back story will help. =)

I was working with a coach recently, and we had been talking about manifestation. I’ve heard of it, and have been doing it without labeling it, but I wanted to know more, and to do it with more intention and focus. There are so many different ideas surrounding manifestation that I had gotten caught up in the swirl of things and I couldn’t make heads or tails of the information I had read or heard.

He told me the easiest way to practice manifesting, and to build my trust in my intuition and myself, was to start with something small and work my way up. We decided that day that I would set the intention to manifest a blue teddy bear.

Before we go any further, what is manifestation?

The simplest definition is this: manifestation is when you set a strong intention to get something, or achieve something, and you make it happen. To manifest means to bring about.

It’s similar to setting a goal in a way. But manifestation goes beyond goal setting. It’s believing SO strongly in what you want, that you’re willing to work hard to create it and make it happen. BUT, you’re also asking for the universe’s help in the process.

To some, it sounds woo-woo, or like crazy talk. But there are scientific studies showing that “if we truly believe we can achieve something”, we can. Also, “research shows that whatever our expectations are, they tend to be confirmed. This is what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy”. (1)

In other words, what we look for continuously, is what we end up seeing.

If you’ve ever been car shopping, and decided on what car you want, suddenly you start to see this car everywhere. I’ve had this happen multiple times. I always say, “I didn’t realize there were so many of these out there”, but it’s because I’ve never been looking for them. And even though I’m not actively looking for them, because that type of car is on my mind (because I’m thinking about buying it), I spot them more easily.

Manifestation works the same way. When we set the intention to achieve something, or to acquire something, we think about it a lot. For this reason, we are more open to potentially spotting it in our every day lives, or to seeing opportunities where we might not have otherwise.

Back to the blue teddy bear…

Finding a blue teddy bear may seem like a complete waste of mental energy to some people, but again, it was practice. I was starting with something small. Finding a blue teddy bear seems much more doable in most people’s minds, than manifesting thousands of dollars. We start out with something that we can more easily wrap our brains around, then, as we get more confident with the concept and our own abilities, we move up to bigger things. 

When I set my intention to find a blue teddy bear, my mind was more attuned to them. I started seeing bears in places that I never would have paid attention to before. Not real bears, but on stickers, logos, in books, in memes, and so on. In essence, I was being more observant to the things around me. I was actively seeking opportunity in the form of a blue teddy bear.

There are varied beliefs about how these manifestations come about, and what you have to do to receive them.

Some believe that they work like a genie in a bottle…you ask for something you wish for, and your wish is granted.

Others, like myself, believe that there’s a little more work required on our part.

When you set out to manifest something, you are asking the universe (or whoever your higher power is), to help you acquire something. In doing so, you are asking for help in co-creating this thing, this idea, this relationship. Co-creating means that you have some say in the matter. And you also have some work to do.

Sometimes, this is literal, physical work. Other times, most times even, it’s inner work that needs to be done to get you to a place where you feel ready and worthy to receive whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest.

I’m not saying there aren’t times when it happens without any help from you, because it can happen. But most of the time it seems, or feels, almost magical because you’ve had direct help from the universe, AND you’re more in alignment with what you truly want, so it can happen more quickly. (ie. that “self-fulfilling prophecy)

There are a few things I learned in my journey to manifest this blue teddy bear. Hopefully these will help you as you work on manifesting as well.

1. Pay attention.

When I finally found the blue teddy bear…guess where it was??? On the bed in our guest room. (insert head slap here…haha)

I had walked right past it I couldn’t tell you how many times, and never paid attention to it. So even when we’re focused on manifesting something, if we’re not paying attention to those things around us, if we’re too stuck in our own minds, we may initially miss what we’re looking for.

But…if something is truly meant for you, it will come. You may miss it a few hundred times, but it will come. Which leads me to…..

2. Whatever you’re manifesting will come at the perfect, divine time.

Like I said before, sometimes we have to do some inner work before we are ready to receive what it is that we want. We have to understand and see that we are worthy of those things that we desire. And sometimes, we simply have to be open to receive.

This is something that I thought most people were by default. But to truly be open and ready to receive, it often means that we are ready to receive in whatever form it comes in, and we are open to whatever it brings along with it. Including, the aforementioned lessons.

3. Don’t get attached to an outcome.

Most of us are only open to receive things in the exact way, shape, form, fashion, and time that we see fit. We leave no room for interpretation. There are times when this type of thinking is appropriate, when we need to be exact and specific. Most of the time though, this drastically limits us.

For instance, if I had set an intention to find a bear, it would have happened much more quickly. But saying I wanted to find a blue bear narrowed down the options quite a bit. Then, I had a very specific bear pictured in my mind that I was looking for, which is why I missed the one on our bed so many times.

One of the “rules” many people place on manifesting is that we have to be super specific in what we want. But that doesn’t work for everyone.

For instance, some people know that they want a black car with a red interior, a certain type of engine, wheels and so on. Some people just want a new(er) car.

Just remember this…it’s ok to start broader with your intentions and then narrow it down as you go along and learn more.

When I was car shopping, I just knew I wanted a car that I didn’t have to go into debt to get. (Which in and of itself narrowed things down a bit.) As I looked around, and did some test drives, I finally found the brand, the style, and then the color that I wanted.

4. Be grateful for what you have, while working for what you want.

Sometimes the reason that our manifestations don’t come to us more quickly, is because we get stuck in a mindset of lack. We look around us and focus in on those things that we don’t have.

Remember the “self-fulfilling prophecy”? We get what we look for. So, if we’re spending all of our time looking at what we don’t have in our life, we’re only going to keep seeing what we lack.

The best way to combat this and move past it, is to take time to be thankful for what we DO have.

5. An added tip that I’ve found useful when setting my intentions to manifest, is adding the words “or better”.  

As an example, if you want to manifest a job, and you feel like you’re only qualified to work in an entry level position, you could say, “I would like an entry level position in this field, or better”. Or if you’re looking to manifest a relationship, you could lay out what you would like to have in a partner, and then say, “This or better”.

This lets the universe know that you are open to receiving more. It also keeps you from limiting yourself to only what you can see in this moment in time.

(1) https://www.berkeleywellbeing.com/manifestation.html