Activities Scavenger Hunt Image

To celebrate National Scavenger Hunt day, I created what I call an Activities Scavenger Hunt.

What is an Activities Scavenger Hunt you ask?

Instead of just searching for items, you’re asked to do certain activities and then find an item related to those activities. What do I mean?

As an example: The first clue asks you to dance to your favorite song and then find a music note. So, the activity would be dancing to your favorite song and the item that you find would be a music note.

It’s pretty simple. Most of the clues are self-explanatory, but if you have questions feel free to email me,

The idea behind this scavenger hunt is to get you and your family up and moving around, to give you something to do other than the scavenger hunt itself, and to make the hunt last a little bit longer. And to have a ton of fun of course! I also wanted to make it a little different than a normal scavenger hunt, to celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day.

Scavenger Hunts were popularized in the United States by a gossip columnist named Elsa Maxwell in the 1930’s. Since then, there have been all different kinds of hunts created.

There are several different ways that you can do the Activities Scavenger Hunt. I like to give people choices. =)

If you want to spend one day doing the activities, and another day finding the items, that could be fun. Or, you could do a few different activities each day and then find the items all at the end of the week. This spreads things out a bit more.

The other fun thing you could do is to expand doing the activities themselves.

Using the first clue again, “dance to your favorite song”, instead of dancing to one song, you could have a full-blown dance party. You could dance to your favorite song and then draw music notes, or make cards with music notes on them and send to people with the message of “Just wanted to send you a little note”. =)

I’ve put a free download below if you want to have the list with you. Or you can simply refer back to this post as necessary.

The activities are in regular font and the items to find are in bold letters.

Activities Scavenger Hunt

Do the activity, then find the item, and have some fun!!!

1) Dance to your favorite song – Find a Music Note

2) Notice patterns, animals, or faces in things where they shouldn’t necessarily be. – Find something with a cloud on it

There are animals, houses, faces, hearts, cars, and all kinds of things that we can find in something that has a pattern on it – like the grain of a piece of wood. People have found faces in their toast, in their Cheetos, and even in their coffee foam. We look up at the clouds all the time and search for shapes. One of the oddest places that I’ve ever seen an unexpected shape was on the mirror one day when I was getting out of the shower. A ladybug crawling through the steam on the mirror had “drawn” a house.

Activities Scavenger Hunt ladybug drawing on a mirror

3) Solve this “Word in a Word” puzzle: Your phrase is “Happy Days Are Here Again” – Find something with the word “Happy” on it

What’s a word from a word puzzle? It’s when you are given one word, or a phrase, and you have to make as many words as possible using only the letters within that word or phrase.

For example, your phrase is: “Happy Days Are Here Again”. I’ll get you started: Happy, gain, dear, yappy. See what other words you can find.

If you want to try a few more of these puzzles, see how many words you can find in these words and phrases: “The Novel Turtle”, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.  

4) Try balancing on one foot (Safely please – hold onto a wall if you need to) – Find something with a flamingo on it

5) See if you can find lights reflecting off of something. – Find a rainbow

Maybe sunshine through a window, reflecting on the wall; a light reflecting off of someone’s watch; even a light reflecting off of a shiny book cover (This happened with a library book one time at our house). Or try shining a flashlight through a glass and see if you can make a reflection. If you move around, does the reflection change. Can you find a shape inside the reflection? Like the heart in this reflection.

Activities Scavenger Hunt Find a shape reflecting on the wall

6) Make shadow puppets – Find a rabbit (one of the most commonly done shadow puppets)

7) Write a letter to someone, and then use creative lettering to address the envelope. – Find a blue pen

8) Draw your favorite flower. – Find something red

9) Draw your favorite animal. – Find a unicorn

10) Try learning how to juggle. – Find 3 things that are round

11) Play a card game.  – Find something diamond shaped

12) Learn how to sign your name in American Sign Language (ASL). – Find something with a hand on it

13) Learn a new word. – Find something that starts with the 3rd letter of that new word

14) Learn how to do origami and make at least one thing. – Find something shaped like a star.

Or go big and try to make 1000 cranes. According to Japanese tradition, if you fold 1000 paper cranes, you get to make one wish.

15) Skip around the room, or outside – Find something that bounces

16) Watch your favorite movie – Find something that could be used as a prop in that movie

17) Read your favorite story – Find a book with a green cover

18) Go for a walk (around your house, around your yard, around the park, anywhere) – Find a shoe that has purple on it

19) Watch a video, or movie about space – Find the moon

You can watch Kevin J. DeBruin’s “A Place Called Space” on YouTube.

20) Move your arms like your swimming through water – Find a fish

21) Make up your own super hero theme song – Find a super hero symbol

22) Try to make someone laugh – Find a smiley face

23) Do something nice for someone that you live with – Find something heart shaped

Help them with one of their chores, make dinner for them and clean up the dishes, let them sleep in, draw a picture for them, leave a kind note somewhere they will find it.

24) Pretend you’re riding a horse – Find something with a horseshoe on it

25) Walk around with a book balanced on your head – Find a crown

Happy Hunting!

To continue the scavenger hunt celebration, check out the other hunts that we’ve created.

The Home Scavenger Hunt – A hunt that you can do completely from the comfort of your own home. The items you find are common items that most people have in their house. If not, you can find a picture of the items, or create them somehow.

Driving Around Scavenger Hunt – Drive around your neighborhood, your city, or whatever area you want to, and find the items.

Date Night Scavenger Hunt – something fun to do for date night.

Spring Themed Scavenger Hunt – all the clues are about Spring!

Digital Easter Egg Hunt – this one was created to replace those outdoor Easter egg hunts that we couldn’t really do this year. All of the clues are Easter themed and can be done on the computer.

Bristol, TN Scavenger Hunt – I created this scavenger hunt specifically for the listeners of Kristi Slaughter’s radio show.

Seeds of Happiness Scavenger Hunt – this hunt was originally a giveaway that we did with the Seeds of Happiness. The giveaway is over, but you can still do the hunting. It’s part finding questions on the computer, and part finding items.

All of these, except the driving around scavenger hunt, can be done just as easily at home as they can anywhere else.

You could also create your own scavenger hunt to celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day.

If you do, be sure to let me know. You can email it to, tag us on Instagram @thenovelturtle, or use #thenovelturtle.

We have The Novel Turtle Group on Facebook that you can post your creative fun. Not just scavenger hunts, but anything that you’re creating. Painting or drawing pictures, crocheting or knitting a blanket or scarf, photo manipulation, creating jewelry, building furniture, creating spreadsheets or documents, graffiti, creating a meal, writing a song, telling a story, or whatever else that you use your creative imagination to do.

That way we can not only see and be inspired by what others are doing, we can also begin to shift our ideas about what creativity is. Creativity is not limited to arts and crafts. We love our arts and crafts, but there are so many other ways that people use their creative abilities.

How ever you celebrate, I hope that you have a lot of fun doing it!