Seeds of Happiness Kits for a Scavenger Hunt Giveaway

This scavenger hunt can be done completely from home.

A lot of the answers can be found either on the Seeds of Happiness website and Facebook page, OR The Novel Turtle website (where you are now) and Facebook page. The others can be found through Google, or whatever search engine that you use. For the questions that are about the Facebook page, you don’t have to have a Facebook account to answer them. Simply click the link in the question, and scroll down to find the answers. (You’ll likely have to close a pop up from Facebook asking you to sign up.)

There are several ways that you can do the hunt: 1) Find the answer to the question, and then find the item related to that answer all at once; 2) Find just the answers without finding the items; OR 3) break the two up and make two separate scavenger hunts out of them – find the answers one day and the related items another day. I like to give people choices. =)

I have also made a free downloadable version of the hunt, so you can print it off if you want to. It’s a one-page Word document, in the same format as the one below.

Now….on to the fun!!!

There are 20 questions about the Seeds of Happiness, The Novel Turtle, turtles, smiles, happiness, and fun in general. Find the answer to each question on the internet. Next to each question (in bold letters) is something that relates to the answer of the question in some way, maybe distantly. You may not see the connection until you find the answer. Find this item – a picture of it, the real thing, a toy, etc. – in your house.

Let’s do a practice question:

What color is the Seed that is on the top left of the Seeds of Happiness homepage? Find a turtle

Go to, look in the top left corner of the page. You’ll see a picture of a GREEN seed. So, the answer to the question is Green. (This is the answer that you would email to

Next, in bold letters, you find the item that is related to the answer. So, Find a turtle. This is related because both that seed, and most turtles, are green.

See what I mean when I said the item is “something that relates to the answer of the question in some way, maybe distantly”?

If you don’t have one of the items to be found, you can skip it, OR you could create it. For instance, if you don’t have a dog, a picture of a dog, or a dog stuffed animal, instead of finding it you could create it – draw, paint, or color a picture of one. Or create one with paper and glue. Use your imagination.

Happy Hunting!!!!

1) What is the name of the doggie mascot at Seeds of Happiness? (Hint: He was also the model for the dog seeds) Find a Dog

2) Where are the Seeds of Happiness hand crafted? Find something gray (the color the Seeds are when they are first created out of clay)

3) Who is most well-known for creating the smiley face? Find something round

4) In the movie “Finding Nemo”, what is the name of the turtle? Find a turtle

5) What day is World Smile Day? Find something that has the number two on it

6) In “The Magic of Christmas” video that Seeds of Happiness put out around Christmas, what animal is on the red wrapping paper that is under the tree? Find something black

7) In the “Smiles from Start to Finish” video put out by the Seeds of Happiness, what color is the smile that is being painted? Find a brush (paintbrush, hair brush, etc.)

8) What 5 solid colors do the Seeds of Happiness Fun Mugs come in? Find a rainbow

9) About how long does it take to make one seed? Find something with the number 3

10) In the Q&A Session that Mark Borella, a.k.a. The Seeds of Happiness Guy, did for The Novel Turtle website, what was his answer to question number 6? Find something that could be used as a magic wand

11) What “fruit” is currently sold on the Seeds of Happiness website? (Hint: it has a bite out of it) Find an orange

12) On the Seeds of Happiness Facebook page, under the “Birthday Club Signup” on the right menu, what color is the 5th seed from the left? Find a candle

13) On The Novel Turtle Facebook page, what does it say on the April 15, 2020 post? (Hint: there is a Seed of Happiness wearing headphones in the picture) Find a pair of headphones

14) In the song “Happy” by Pharrell, the song from Despicable Me, what hand motion does he ask you to do? Find a glove or mitten

15) Where in both California and Florida is known as “The Happiest Place on Earth”? Find a star

16) In Disney’s Robin Hood cartoon, what color is Toby the turtle’s hat? Find a hat

17) In the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what is the name of the turtle that wears the blue mask? Find something blue

18) I find it humerus, that if you hit the place below the Humerus bone, it’s actually not very funny. Where is your humerus located? Find something that starts with an “H”

19) What’s yellow and happy, and lives in the sky? Find a moon

20) What is the name of The Novel Turtle emails? (Hint: I mentioned it at the beginning of this post. It’s also on our homepage and our Facebook page) Find an envelope

We hope that you have fun doing this scavenger hunt!

The Novel Turtle is all about finding and creating your happiest life. Sometimes that means sorting through the thoughts and feelings that are tripping us up, and sometimes it means playing with your food or doing a scavenger hunt.

Playing, and letting loose, is just as important as diet and exercise. If we don’t take the time to have fun and to laugh, our lives can get very dull, very quickly.

No matter where you are, what you do, or what you have, find a way to make yourself smile each day, and then find a way to make someone else smile.

If we can give one person a smile each day, imagine how much happier the world would be.