Easter Egg Hunt 2020

Over the last few days, I’ve heard several people expressing their disappointment about not being able to do their traditional Easter egg hunt and Spring time get togethers. While I can’t help you get together with people right now, I can help you with the Easter egg hunt. But, I’m putting a twist on things. I’ve created an Easter/Spring themed scavenger hunt and a Digital Easter Egg Hunt. You can download both for free below.

First, the scavenger hunt.

There are 20 different clues that are written in riddle form. Figure out the answer to the riddle, then find the item, color, shape, pattern, animal, or word.

The riddles are the first download and the answer key is the second. (You’ll see when you scroll down – they are labeled.) If you want to try them without the answers, then download the first file only, have fun, and come back for the answers if you need them. If you want to have the answer key from the beginning, then download both items under “Spring/Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt”. OR, you can just use the answer key, skip the riddles, and have a simple hunt.

I like to give people choices. =)

Something fun that you could do to enhance this scavenger hunt is to create those things that you may not have. For instance, if the answer to one of the riddles was a turtle (it’s not one of the answers….sorry) and you don’t have a turtle, or a turtle picture, then you could draw one. Below the two hunts I give you a few more ideas of fun things to do. If you draw one of the things that you don’t have, you could always use the idea below and make a card for someone with your picture on it.  

For the Digital Easter Egg Hunt, there are 20 questions relating to movies, stories, songs, etc., for you to search for and answer.

Again, the questions are the first download, and the answers are the second. Try finding the answers without the key, and then if you get stumped, you can come back and download it.

Everything within the Digital Hunt can be done on a computer or phone. OR, to extend the fun, you can watch the movies and videos to find the answers to the clues, read the stories, and learn the dance that is included. (Yep, Easter has a dance and it’s none other than the bunny hop. Haha.) If you want a faster version, you can simply search for the answers to the clues online.

Again, choices.

Both of these Easter/Spring hunts can be done by people of any age.

They are both family friendly, but younger kiddos might need help solving the riddles and searching for the Digital Easter Egg Hunt answers. I’ve tried to make the questions and riddles easy, but not too easy. Hopefully you enjoy doing them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

Without further ado, let’s hop to it!

Spring/Easter Themed Scavenger Hunt

1) Not quite square, and not quite round, in the fridge is where I’m normally found. I can be scrambled and served on a dish, or decorated for Easter in any color you wish.

2) My tail is quite fluffy and my ears are quite long, I love to eat veggies and hip hop along.

3) I’m on clothing and curtains, shoes and some socks, some people love me and others only see spots. Part of my name is a dance that is fine, the other part is something you may see on a line. (Hint: two words, the first word starts with a P and the second starts with a D.)

4) April showers will bring these in May, but if you buy them in February you will double pay. They come in many colors, and you can choose any one; look outside or near a window because they all need the sun.

5) I’m the color of a grape, a people eater, and a famous ape.

6) I’m good for your eyes, and I’m crunchy to chew, my color is orange, and rabbits love me too.

7) I’m the color of Poppy’s hair, the main character of Trolls, you’ll often see me on flowers as you’re taking a stroll.

8) I’m the color of a small fruit that is round in shape, I’m also the color of painter’s tape.

9) You can use me to clean your ears or your face; I can also be used to make clouds up in space. I’m used to make tails for bunnies, because I’m small, white, and fluffy, and I’m used to make drawn sheep, just a little more fluffy.

10) I light your days and help light your night, but don’t look too close because I’m really quite bright.

11) I love to eat nectar, I flutter and fly, you can see all of my colors as I gently go by.

12) I’m the color of most smiles that you find on your phone, the first four letters of my name are a really loud tone.

13) I come in all different colors, and a few different sizes. I’m often put in as Easter basket prizes. I’m sweet and I’m squishy and I’m not quite round, in the candy aisle is where I’m found.

14) Take me on a picnic, give me to a friend, I’m often used at Easter, and filled up to the brim.

15) I’m the season that brings flowers, butterflies, and bees; it gets warmer, it gets brighter, and there are buds on all the trees.

16) You can find me on pajamas, and on a zebra too; they used my name for a movie and gum that can be chewed.

17) I’m fluffy and white, with the softest of hair. When I’m out in the field I have a shepherd for care.

18) People most often use me when it’s starting to rain, but if they forget me, getting wet is a pain. (Hint: it’s bad luck to open one inside)

19) I’m red with black spots, I’m round and I fly; you’ll see me on plants if you ever walk by.

20) I’m known to bring happiness, where ever I go; I’m bigger than a hummingbird, but smaller than a crow. My color is the same as clue number 8, look around, you might see me on an old garden gate.

Digital Easter Egg Hunt

1) What is the fifth animal shown in the 1994 version of the “Cadbury Easter Bunny Tryouts” commercial?

2) In the 2018 film “Peter Rabbit”, what is Thomas McGregor allergic to? Bonus: What other role is the actor that plays Thomas most famous for?

3) In the 2011 movie “HOP”, what is the name of the elite squad of bunnies that come to take E.B. home? (Hint: they wear hats)

4) What do “A Christmas Story” the movie, and Easter have in common?

5) In Irving Berlin’s “Easter Parade”, who is the female lead? Bonus: What other role is she most famous for?

6) In Bambi, what does Thumper’s father tell him?

7) Who is the voice of the bunny in the “Pets” movies?

8) What are the name of the giant heads on Easter Island?

9) In the song, “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”, where is he hopping?

10) According to the nursery rhyme, where was Humpty Dumpty sitting?

11) Where was the bunny hop dance created?

12) In “Despicable Me 2”, who is the character that says “cheep, cheep”?

13) In Jim Henson’s “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, what was the name of the bunny?

14) What is Chicken Little’s most famous saying? (Hint: about the sky)

15) What is the name of the little yellow duck that was in the original Tom and Jerry cartoons?

16) What does Snoopy buy Woodstock in “It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown”?

17) Who was the voice of The White Rabbit in the 1951 Disney version of Alice in Wonderland?

18) Where is the company that makes Peeps candy located?

19) What is the name of the rabbit in the 1969 version of “Frosty the Snowman”?

20) What was the name of the private detective in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”?

Some other fun ideas for you to try:

Make an Easter card for someone, using what you have around the house.

I know not everyone is like I am. Not everyone has a pile of craft supplies sitting around to choose from. But generally, we all have paper and some sort of markers, colored pencils, colored pens, etc. Use your imagination. Cut pretty flowers out of a magazine, off of a cookie box, or off of another piece of mail that you’ve received. Write the words “Happy Spring” or “Happy Easter” or “Thinking of You” and draw pretty lines around the edges. If you have stickers, add those too.

You could also do this digitally. On most phones, you can edit pictures, add words, and even write things on the picture. Then save it and send it out to people.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. The idea is to let someone know that you’re thinking about them and wishing them a happy day.

Watch an Easter, or Spring, themed movie.

Some of my favorites are HOP, Peter Rabbit (2018), Irving Berlin’s Easter Parade, and It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown.

Write an Easter/Spring themed poem or story.

“Once upon a time, there was a little duck named Frederick. Frederick wanted nothing more than to make people smile. He often tried to talk to people as they walked by at the park, but most of them just ran away from him.

One day, as Frederick was walking along the riverbank, he stepped in a hole and got his foot stuck. A lady walked over and leaned down next to him. At first Frederick was scared, but he soon realized that the nice lady was trying to help him. She got his foot out of the hole and then sat him down. His foot hurt from being all bunched up in the hole for so long, so he couldn’t really walk on it well. The nice lady picked him up, carried him to her car, and took him home. At home she put him in a cage next to a window. She brought him food and water, and gave him soft blankets to rest on. Each day, she would take Frederick out of the cage and let him sit outside in the grass. She had a beautiful pond in her backyard. He longed to go swim in it.

After a couple of days, Frederick was able to get up and start walking on his foot again with no pain. When the lady took him outside, she walked past the spot where they usually sat together. He saw where she was taking him and got excited. The nice lady took him to the edge of the pond and sat him down. Frederick slowly stood up, and waddled into the water. He swam around and around for hours. The nice lady put Fredericks cage outside, right under a large shade tree. He could go swimming whenever he wanted to, and climb in his nice comfortable bed and rest safely whenever he wanted to. Every day the nice lady came and sat in a chair next to the pond and watched Frederick swim. She always brought treats for Frederick when she came. She would hold out her hand, he would waddle over to her, and he would eat his fill. Each time he did this, the nice lady would laugh. Frederick knew that this was where he belonged. He was doing the one thing that he wanted to do, making someone smile. And he was happier than he had ever been before.” – The End (written by Lori Frye, 4/4/20, for thenovelturtle.com)

Take a picture and give someone bunny ears.

This would be a fun photo to send to people that you can’t visit right now. Get all of the people that would normally get together for Easter to take a photo like this, and make a collage, or send them to everyone via email or text.

Do Easter-cising. (Things that get you up, moving, and having fun, with an Easter/Spring twist)

Hop around like a bunny. Do short hops, or pick a starting point and see how far you can jump forward.  “Cheep” like a chick. Walk like a chicken. Crinkle your nose like a rabbit. Find a video on YouTube and learn to do the bunny hop. If you have a sidewalk, or a paved driveway, use sidewalk chalk to draw out and play HOPscotch (haha….sorry…couldn’t resist). Make your own bubbles, then go outside, blow them, and chase them around. (my pupper loves to do this)

I’m not just talking about doing these things with your kids here either. Even if you’re an adult, get out there and get some Easter-cise. Let your inner kid out and have some fun. Release some of that stress and laugh.

Try one of my other Free Downloadable Scavenger Hunts.

There are three to choose from. One that you can do from home, inside or outside; one that you drive around your local area and find things; and one that you can do for date night.

“In every day there is a magic moment waiting to be created” – Adele Basheer

Create that moment, find that magic.