Bread crumb trail on grass

The universe, God, whatever Higher Power you believe in, is very good at giving us bread crumbs to follow. IF we pay attention to those bread crumbs. If not, then it takes something big to get our attention. It takes something that feels more like dynamite.

How many times have you accomplished something big and then looked back to realize that things/people around you were conspiring to help you all along – even the “bad” things?

How many times have you ended up somewhere you really want to be in life, and you look back to see how things have slowly shifted to get you there? Sometimes those bad things in life happen to push us out of a situation that we would otherwise never leave.

I had a friend who hated her job. She was miserable and dreaded going in each day. She knew she wanted to do something else, but she was too afraid to take that step away from the “comfort” of what she had. She would say, “I know I hate it, but at least I know it’s always there”. A few weeks after her making this comment again, she got fired for the smallest, dumbest thing. At first, she was furious. What she had done wasn’t something that they had ever fired anyone for doing. She was mad at the new boss because she thought that he was singling her out. She was mad at the person who had done the same thing and gotten away with it multiple times. After about a week of being angry at everyone involved, she finally took a step back and realized that her getting fired was a blessing in disguise. If she hadn’t been forced out of that job she may never have left. She may have stayed in her comfort zone forever.

(Our Reframing Post can help you do this with your own situations)

You can learn from each thing that you do, no matter how random it feels at the time.

“With awareness….all of life can be a profound teacher. Every moment holds signs, revealing to you deeper levels of meaning about the next steps on your path. The key….is to pay attention. To greet each moment and experience with willingness and presence.”Melanie Beckler

This website has been a thought bubble in my brain for a long time. In between then and now, I’ve had different jobs, I’ve taken several classes, and my path has shifted a few times. Along the way, I have learned little bits and pieces from each of those things, that I’m using now. All of the seemingly random things that I’ve done have brought me to where I am now. It has take dynamite a few times, to get me out of my comfort zone, but when I’ve followed the bread crumbs it has been a much easier process. These bread crumbs are what led me to start The Novel Turtle.

Sometimes what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it, doesn’t make a lot of sense at first. When it all comes together I can look back and see how everything fits together.

I can also see how my ideas have shifted and evolved over time.

With this website, I originally thought that it was going to be all about creativity. I didn’t know at first that I would be writing about the wide variety of things that I do now.

Creativity is still a big part of what we talk about, because I feel that it is our creative minds that help get us to where we want to be in life. Our definitions of creativity are often tied to crafts or artsy type things. In reality, even if we aren’t all crafty, we’re all creative in some way.

Someone who is working two jobs to make ends meet, but also working on making their dreams come true, has to be pretty creative with their time to get everything done. Someone who is the first in their little clan to step outside of the “norm” and do something that they love to do, has to be pretty creative in how they deal with the negativity that comes their way. (Refer to the 3 Ways to Deal with Haters post)

If you allow yourself to think outside of the box, to see things in a different light (ie. In a creative way), then you will find yourself in new and exciting places without really trying too hard.

Yes, it still takes a lot of work. No, you can’t just sit back and let everything fall into your lap. But it will often feel that way. Once you get on the path that you’re meant to be on, that you’ve dreamed of being on, things begin to feel a lot more effortless. This happens mainly because you are actually enjoying what you are doing. You aren’t constantly fighting to do something that you hate.

Many people call this “being in the flow”. Have you ever been doing something that you really enjoy and you look up and its hours later? You don’t realize that time has passed because you’re in your element. This is what it means to be in the flow. Imagine now, if you’re whole life was that way. If you actually enjoyed what you do for a living. It is possible.

That’s what I’m here to help you realize. That is what I want to help you accomplish for yourself. I want to help you awaken that part of yourself before the dynamite is needed.

So, we start small.

Some people are so deep in the trenches that they can’t even allow themselves to dream for a moment. They have turned that part of them off completely.

When I suggest that you write, play with your food, do a moving meditation, or become a local tourist, etc., I’m helping you to slowly open that part of you back up. If you can take a moment to notice the things around you, then you can take a moment to dream. Once those dreams start to wake back up, they will get stronger and stronger. You will be drawn to them more and more. You will start to see, or create, pathways for yourself to take steps in making that dream a reality. Then one day you look back and think, “How did I ever live any other way”.