Neon sign that says laugh

LOL means to laugh out loud, but how many times have you typed “LOL” in a text and your face still look like this…


I want you to find something at least once each day this week that literally makes you LOL. Out loud and everything. I want you to laugh the deepest belly laugh that you have laughed in a long time, or maybe ever. I want you to laugh until you cry. (Tears of joy of course.)

Why do I want this for you? Why is laughing so important?

Because it makes you healthier. Laughing releases all of the “feel-good hormones”. It’s a great way to relieve stress. Laughing is good for our hearts and our lungs. If you’re laughing hard enough it can even be a good workout for your abs. Sounds and vibrations can heal our bodies.

See Chris Shelton’s YouTube videos about the organ cleansing sounds.

Because laughing gives you more energy. Our emotions affect our bodies, both positively and negatively. As I said above, laughter releases all of your “feel-good” hormones. These are the hormones that help you to feel happy and content. The more that we can stay in this state of feeling, the better off we feel overall. The better that we feel, the more energy that we have.

Because laughing a little each day breaks up the monotony of life. So many of us do the same things each day, day in and day out. If we take a laugh break each day it wakes our brains up. It gives us a chance to look around us and see what is going on. It gives us a chance to see things that we might have missed.

Because laughing with others creates tighter bonds between people. Often, we create inside jokes from things that have brought us laughter. This makes us feel more connected with those around us.  

Because being able to literally laugh out loud helps to lift our confidence levels. I know people who don’t laugh out loud because they don’t like the sound of their own laugh. There are those who have had someone who has made fun of them at some point because of the sound of their laugh. Some people are too shy to laugh out loud. If this is you, then start by laughing out loud when you’re by yourself. Get used to hearing the sound of your own laughter again. It will take a little time, but soon you’ll find yourself laughing out loud around others as well. Don’t worry about what others think, worry about what makes you happy in life. If someone is making fun of your laugh, then they have unresolved issues that are making them do so, it’s not about you.

Because laughing more often gives us a more optimistic outlook on life. When we are actively searching for things that make us laugh, funny videos, funny friends, etc., then we are actively seeking out the good in life. We are constantly bombarded with bad news, negative images, and negative people. The more that we can seek out the good things in life, and concentrate on them, the better we feel about ourselves, about our lives, and about the world around us. What we consistently fill our brain with affects how we view the world.  

What are some of the things that make you LOL?

Brown cow sticking its tongue out

If it’s a movie that always makes you laugh, watch it. If it’s videos of people doing crazy things, watch them. If there is a magazine that has funny stories, look through it. Do you have a friend that always tells funny stories? Call them. Actually call them and hear their voice, don’t just text. Or even better, go out with them so that you can see their facial expressions as they tell the story. Just seeing others smile and laugh can make you do the same.

A few things that are guaranteed laughs for me:

Brandon Farris never fails to crack me up. He does some of the craziest things. His facial expressions are priceless. Especially the face he makes when he accomplishes something that he’s trying to, or learns to do something. When he gets tickled at himself it’s even funnier. Click on the links to watch a few of my favorites.

Learning To Knit, We Drove To the Top of a Mountain, Game Night With My Cat, Learning to Throw Cards (His face when he finally gets it is great)

Another thing that always makes me laugh is silly jokes, or puns. Someone gave me a book of jokes one time. Every time I looked through it, I found something that made me laugh hysterically. Much to my husband’s dismay I took it on vacation one time and told him random jokes throughout the trip. The look on his face was hilarious enough. That book mysteriously disappeared. Now, I go on Pinterest and read all of the bad puns to him. He loves it. Look through my “Laugh a Day” board on Pinterest for some inspiration.

I’m not suggesting that life is all sunshine and roses, and that if you just smile and laugh your life will be perfect. Please don’t think that. We all go through rough patches. We all go through heart break. We all go through loss. What I am suggesting is that laughter at its core will make all of these things easier to handle. Even if it just gives us a break from the pain for a moment, it’s worth that moment. Laughter helps us to heal.

Even if you feel like you have nothing to laugh about, ESPECIALLY if you feel like you have nothing to laugh about, find something that will help you to find that laughter within yourself. Then you can take it and share it with those around you.

Laughter really is contagious.