Microphone in a studio

In one of our The Novel Turtle Presents Q&A Sessions I interviewed Kristi Slaughter. Kristi is a radio talk show host that I have been friends with for several years. She loves doing what she does and it is evident in every show. Recently, she flipped the script and interviewed me on her show. I’ve been on the radio before to talk about various other projects, but never for anything so personal.

It’s certainly a lot more scary when you are putting yourself out there for something that you have created. I’ve never been very good at thinking on the fly. I’d much rather write my words out. I have to say though, I had a lot of fun, stepped outside of my comfort zone quite a bit, and learned a lot about expecting the unexpected.

Here is the recording, minus commercials. In it you also get to hear some of the banter that we talked about in her Q&A session, between Kristi and her producer Rick.

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Kristi was talking about going back and changing the way that you view a situation that has happened. The Reframing post will explain that a little more.

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Kristi’s Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/kristislaughtersupertalk.

My favorite group to get the healing frequencies YouTube videos that we referenced is Meditative Mind, here.

This is the link for the Whole Tones healing frequency program that Kristi likes.

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