Spaceship socks

If I asked you right now what your favorite pair of socks are, what would you tell me? Would you look at me like I am a complete looney? (Are you looking at your screen like that now? =)) Or would you immediately know the answer?

Why am I asking about your favorite pair of socks?

These are currently my favorites at

First, I love wearing fun, colorful socks. It’s a way for me to show my personality when I have to wear a certain thing to work, or out and about. My favorite socks look like a pair of Converse shoes. I love to wear them when I fly. When I take my shoes off to go through security, it looks like I still have shoes on. It’s the little things, but it makes me and others smile at a time that can often be stressful.

I heard a lady say one time that she loved to wear fun socks because they are a good conversation starter. She works with people in their homes, so it’s often a little awkward at first. People see her fun socks, it makes them smile, and it breaks the ice. Anything that we can do to make someone else smile is worth our time.

Secondly, I’m asking because I want to make you more aware of the little things in life. Socks are not something that the majority of people think about on a daily basis. They are one of those things that we put on and then we go on about our business.

According to an article written by Give Back Homes, “socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters”. (Read the full article here.) So, something that we barely notice in our day to day life, many people are beyond grateful to have. Pay closer attention this week to the “little things” in your life. Things that we often take for granted.

When you are choosing what to wear each day, choose your socks with purpose. Each time you put a pair of socks on, say a little thank you that you have them. Use this activity as a moving reminder to be grateful each and every day.

In doing this we can begin to cultivate more gratitude in our lives overall. (This is something that we will talk more about in the next few weeks.)

Get a little more creative with it and wear fun socks this week. If you have the ability, go buy a pair of fun socks. If not, just go look through them. Part of the fun of fun socks is picking out the ones you like; seeing all of the different kinds, patterns, and sayings.

Go to John’s Crazy Socks and look through all of their different socks.

I love this site because they have a wide variety of great socks that you don’t find anywhere else. The story behind this company is also amazing. A big part of the reason that they do what they do is so that they can give back to those around them. They “want to show what those with differing abilities can do” and “what happens when you give people a chance” (From their website). Read their story here.

In the spirit of the season, get together with friends or family and have a “Sock Swap”. Everyone who comes buys a pair of cute socks. Either draw names before or do a fun gift exchange game. Get together, eat good food, and have fun.

Or, if you’re buying gifts for people this season then get each person a pair of fun socks. Pick out a different pair for each person, a pair that fits their personality.

To celebrate our week of fun socks, we are doing our first ever giveaway, and it’s two-fold.

1. Put a picture of yourself wearing fun socks or a picture of fun socks that you would like to have, and/or comment on our giveaway posts on Facebook or Instagram. For every picture and original comment we will give a pair of socks to our local homeless shelter. We will do this through the end of November 2019. 
2. At the end of November we’ll draw one name from our email list. That person will win a $25 Gift Card from John’s Crazy Socks. 

(Our giveaway has ended. We gave over 50 pairs of socks to our local homeless shelter. Thank you to everyone who participated!!)

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