Skeleton thinking

What is one thing that scares you? One thing that keeps you from following a dream you may have. I’m asking for a big one here. I want you to dig deep and figure out what scares you most about moving forward towards your dreams.

You probably already know what that thing is. If you don’t, it was probably the first thing that popped into your mind when you read that first sentence. So, I’ll ask it again. I’ll give that thought a chance to pop back up. In regards to your dreams, in regards to you living your happiest life, what scares you the most?

Take a moment to let that question marinate.

Are you afraid you aren’t good enough? This is a big one. Maybe you want to become a writer, but you are afraid people won’t like your ideas. Maybe you want to be on stage and teach people, but you’re afraid of public speaking. Maybe you want to put your art out there for sale, but you’re afraid that people will judge you. Maybe you want to open a business, but you’re worried you will fail.

Often, we can kill our own creativity before it even starts by holding onto our fears and refusing to step forward. We refuse to hear those stories that are coming through because we think they all have to be best sellers. This is one of my big ones. I enjoy writing. I enjoy telling stories through writing. But when I start writing something, those little ideas about not being good enough creep in. I used to read about how other people had written books, how other people said I should or shouldn’t start a book, and it would block all creativity. My ideas would no longer pour out.

(This is another creativity killer by the way……allowing other people’s ideas to overshadow your own. Click here to read all about this.)

To get beyond this I have tried to just do what I love to do. Sometimes it isn’t easy. Sometimes I still find myself doubting, worrying. When those moments come, I do my best to stop, take a deep breath, and remind myself to just have fun.

This week I want you to do one thing that takes you one step closer to creating your dream. If you want to put your art out in the world, put a picture of it on Instagram. Or even just show it to your close friends. There are plenty of people out there who draw or paint and no one ever knows it. If you’re happy with doing it just for the fun of it, then do that. However, if you feel like your art can inspire people, or if you want to try to sell your art, start putting it out there one baby step at a time. Or, just paint, just draw, just create. If you want to write, start writing. Write in a notebook. Get a flash drive and start writing and saving it. If you want to start a podcast, start writing out ideas for shows. Or maybe record one and let someone listen to it.

Maybe you have pushed your dream so far down that you won’t even allow yourself to acknowledge it anymore. Give that dream a chance to shine through again.

I don’t want you to do any of this for anyone else’s approval. I don’t want you to show others your art, writing or other creative endeavors so that they can say “Yes I love it”, and then you can move forward. The idea is to put your art out there, put yourself out there, because it is something that you enjoy, something you want to do. No approval needed.   

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